AKA opens up on confusion that surrounds COVID-19

AKA spills out all the haboured thoughts on COVID-19.

Taking to social media, the rapper clearly states that the virus is confusing due to some "controversial" facts stated about it.

Some months ago, Supa Mega confirmed being positive of the virus and it brought about conflicting opinions on social media, as some users assumed it was just a publicity stunt.

According to the star, the virus' symptoms experienced is the worse form of sickness he's ever felt in his entire life.

"The COVID Symptoms I had was probably the sickest I've ever been in my entire life. No lie. So it's not like I'm saying it's not out there and we shouldn't be safe but there's a lot of confusion around a lot of things regarding this pandemic."

Regards the confusion surrounding the virus, below are some of his statement and conversations about it:

"Where is the PROOF that someone can infect another person with a deadly virus without showing ANY symptoms of the virus that they are carrying? Does that even make sense? How does that even sound logical?"

AKA says one of the most confusing thing about the virus are those who tested both positive and negative the same day they were tested.

Some social media users tried silencing the rapper over his controversial claims and he reacted to the trolls and critics.

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