5-Year-old Kairo Forbes gets a gorgeous R6,400 car for Christmas!

The 5-year-old daughter of rapper AKA and musician DJ Zinhle, Kairo Forbes has a new R6,400 set of wheels thanks to Father Christmas! The child influencer showed off her new ride on social media…

While many of us are still wondering about what we will get for Christmas, other lucky South Africans are already unwrapping their own delightful gifts. One young lady whose Christmas came early is Kairo Forbes. The 5-year-old influencer received a brand new, kids-sized Ford Raptor and we're all trying our best not to be jealous! 

Kairo's gorgeous new ride 

There is nothing more adorable than watching an excited child receive their Christmas gift, especially if it's something that they have always wanted. This weekend it was Kairo Forbes who celebrated her brand new present from Santa Claus, a giant (but still child-sized!) Ford Raptor toy car which is big enough for her to drive, park and take care of. It's clear that she was definitely on Santa's "nice" list.


5-Year-old Kairo Forbes gets a gorgeous R6,400 car for Christmas!

Inset: image credit: www.instagram.com/kairoforbes


The two-seater convertible children's vehicle was delivered to her personally over the weekend and the child star wasted no time in climbing and taking the car for a test drive. Many viewers were impressed by Kairo's driving ability for somebody so young.

After the vehicle was delivered, Kairo's grandmother Lynn Forbes (AKA Glammy!) took a moment to show her the ropes before letting her take the wheel.


5-Year-old Kairo Forbes gets a gorgeous R6,400 car for Christmas!

Inset: Image Credit: www.instagram.com/KairoForbes

Kairo and Glammy get matching rides

Christmas also came early for Kairo's grandmother, Glammy, who picked up her gorgeous new Ford Mustang from the dealership earlier in the month. At the time, the excited businesswoman wrote on social media, "Thank you for a memorable day and these early Christmas spoils @fordbruma Both @kairo.forbes and I are head over heels in love with our new wheels!

Looking forward to sharing a host of thrilling adventures and experiences in my new race red and very spirited Mustang"



It looks as if she and Kairo decided it would be best to keep it in the Ford family when they chose their rides but there's no doubting that it's about to be a very adventurous Festive Season for them both!

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