Watch: Bontle and Priddy Ugly finally back to their YouTube channel

Bontle and hubby, Priddy Ugly are finally back to their YouTube channel after being away for more than 4months.

The couple started their YouTube channel during the pandemic as they got inspired to dish out exciting things to their fans and subscribers.

However, the channel grew so fast as they duo are celebrating more than 100k subscribers on it.

Since the relaxation of lockdown, many celebrities had to go back to their day to day activities and this might have been the reason why Bontle and Priddy have not been together to shoot videos for their channel.

Well, they are back now and they have more exciting and entertaining things to push out.

In the latest episode, the duo spoke on how they have been away for months now due to one gig and other reasons or the other.

What they spoke about was literarily what they have been doing for the past few months on being away.

Watch to know more:

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