Penny Lebyane cautions followers against idolising celebrities

Penny Lebyane is tired of followers who idolises celebrities most especially the ones they see on TV or radio.

The star took to her Twitter to warn her followers not to put celebrities up on pedestals or idolise them more than they deserve.

Penny made it clear to them that some of the celebrities they see are not what they are behind bars as they are human and they face difficulties also.

The personality wrote that there were those who used their publicity for harm and should not be trusted.

She added that being in the spotlight doesn't mean the person is good as everyone is thriving hard to become someone.

Penny bluntly accused many who work in radio, TV or are seen in the press as being toxic and harmful behind the scenes.

She said: "Most of them are so evil it's disgusting, they are harmful, narcissistic and abusive they use the very fact that they have a public profile to cause harm without consequence."

Penny tweeted:

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