I haven't being at peace for 2 years - Emtee

Emtee has been opened about his life on social media and this time around, he detailed some of his struggles within the past 2 years.

The Trap King's problems became evident in 2019: From surviving car accidents, to not owning his 2 Mercedes Benz, to departing former record label, Ambitiouz Entertainment, to clashing with the label, to revealing that his wife, Nicole beats him and abuses him physically and financially.

A week doesn't go by, without Emtee detailing the struggles in his relationship with Nicole.

Recently taking to Twitter, he revealed that he has not written a song in 2 years, due to lack of peace.

"Havent sat down, be at peace to write music in 2 years. I bought myself a A4 counter book yesterday and I'm going back to basics. I'm working on my after death type album. My pen game has grown," he tweeted.

The star has been more emphatic on the manner at which his funeral should be carried out, and it's left fans worried, because this isn't the first time he is having such talks on social media.

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