AKA appreciates troll who promoted Cruz' Banana Deluxe

AKA smiles to his trolls after being beneficial to him and his Cruz Vodka brand, especially the latest flavour launched, Banana Deluxe.

The rapper's attention was drawn to how the vodka was mocked by a tweep after it was realized that the bottle of the alcohol is similar to the popular got2b hair glue spray bottle.

It might be a shade, but Supa Mega perceived it as a blessing, as the comparison was done on a popular Instagram page named, The Shade Room. which has 21.5 million followers.

AKA appreciated the trolls who allowed his product get to that platform, as the vodka has been marketed to over 21 million people.

That's huge for the rapper.

"People hating got my product on the shade room. Now 21.5 million more people know about #BananaDeluxe. Thank you so much! Keep it up!!!"

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