Makhadzi spilled out her hearts on social media few days ago, on the ill-deeds by her former manager named, Rita Dee.

In series of tweets shared, the singer made it known that Rita has refused paying royalties for her songs, debut album and music videos.

She made it known that she's been surviving via gigs.

"The only thing I did was to ask my money from my ex manager for my previous album matrokisi ,and money for my royalties. what she did was to claim my money and delete all video from Yotube including riyavenda 10 milion views and matroksi 8milionviews I didn't get a cent from my album."

"I want my money. I payed my picanto car she doesn't want to change ownership names ..if I can die tomorrow everything will be under her name …meaning I was born to be a slave I am tired," she added.

These issue is depressing for the singer, as it seem as though someone else is reaping the fruit of her labour.

"I am praying for my self I can't cope to see someone chewing my money like this I need strength but is not easy i am depressed," she said.

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