Sneziey Msomi finally drop her first album,

Idols SA Season 15 runner-up, Sneziey Msomi has finally dropped her most anticipated album.

However, this is her first album and she is grateful to those who stood by her most especially God who has been seeing her through her musical journey.

Sneziey is grateful to have worked with big names in the gospel music industry such as Dumi Mkokstad.

Her album is a 12-track gospel project titled, Izulu, which translates to "Heaven", and it was released today.

The singer described the moment of dropping her first album as wonderful and she gave credit to God for the blessings bestowed upon her.

Sneziey captioned her post: "The inspiration behind my album Izulu is just grace and God being in my life. I would like my album to remind my supporters that no situation should change the way we praise God."

"I'm very excited it is more of a surprise to the people. I know for a fact that people will not expect this from me," said Sneziey.

She added that the music in her album is a lot more different than the songs just has released in the past but she is sure that her listeners will enjoy the ride.

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