Prince Kaybee –

Prince Kaybee might be your favourite music producer, but he isn't interested on being categorized as a celebrity.

The DJ made this known after he got praised by a fan who loved how outspoken he was on racism.

The House music producer kicked against the comfort of racist in SA.

"We can't have a South Africa where racists are comfortable. Every white person who disrespects our blackness in this country must suffer our full wrath, gone are the days when we nicely asked racist to stop being racist, they must be confronted head on."

A fan appreciated him for not being mute like some other stars in the industry,

"Wow wow. Many of your peers in the industry can't speak like this. Big up Prince KB, you chose liberty and truth over money or fear of sabotaged."

Reacting to the hype, Kaybee said he isn't a celebrity, that's why he can speak out as he desires.

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