FLVME postpones release date of his EP,

Flvme took to his social media over the weekend to announce that he will be releasing his first solo project of the year which is an EP titled Dead Or Alive.

Well, it seems the plans have changed as the EP has been removed from iTunes and postponed its release date.

Earlier on Saturday, the rapper shared a link that could be used to access his full EP on a pre-order scale.

The official release was set to to be today the 23rd of November 2020 but it has been moved to 25th of November.

The 22 year-old star released a statement stating that he also took down the link that was accessible to pre-order Dead Or Alive.

"Due to unforeseen circumstances I have taken down the Dead Or Alive EP I had recently announced due to drop on the 23rd of November. The EP will no longer be available for pre-order," read the announcement.

"There were a couple of changes that needed to be done. I've since had to remove the EP to resolve those technicalities.

Flvme concluded by apologizing to his fans.

He said: "Apologies, I've tried my utmost to fix the situation as urgently as possible given the nature of the technicalities that arose. I do hope in time the delay would have been worth your time."

See tweet below:

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