8 Reasons Siya and Rachel Kolisi are #CoupleGoals – We love their vibe

Siya and Rachel Kolisi have proven time and again that they are worthy couple goals and it's no surprise that many aspire to have a romance like theirs. 

When it comes to famous celebrity lovers, there are a few couples that stand out not only because they look good together: but because they inspire us to believe that healthy love really does exist. From those who have stood the test of time like the Khumalos, to the power couples that prove work and success can go hand in hand like the Fergusons, we live for #CoupleGoals. 

The spotlight today is on one couple that continues to serve relationship goals with every year that goes by: Siya and Rachel Kolisi. Through thick and thin, from lows to highs, this romantic duo has made us all believe that real love truly does exist out there. 

Here is why Mzansi loves the Kolisis: 

This is no overnight romance

Siya and Rachel have been together for as long as many of us can remember. Before the Springboks captaincy, before the World Cup; even before the fame, the pair were already building a strong union that would go on to become a healthy marriage. 


A tight family unit

Not only are they a cute couple in their own rights, but Siya and Rachel are also parents and guardians to four beautiful children. There's something special about seeing a family live, love, and thrive together and the Kolisis are a great example of that.


They have overcome adversity 

Even in post-democracy South Africa, it's not easy to be in an interracial relationship – something Siya and Rachel know all too well. From the early days of their relationship to more recent occasions, the two have had to fight off racist comments from Twitter trolls./\r\n/

8 Reasons Siya and Rachel Kolisi are #CoupleGoals – We love their vibe

Inset: Rachel and Siya deal with racist trolls. (image credit: www.twitter.com/mtvAfrica)

They don't take nonsense! 

They don't just put racists in their place; they firmly deal with anybody who threatens their relationship. Just ask Rachel, who has never been shy to call other women to order after they've inappropriately come for her husband on social media. Even if you don't agree with her method, it's a clear message to the world: the Kolisis don't take nonsense!

Started out in humble beginnings… now they are here 

When the final whistle rang across the Nissan Stadium in Yokohama as the Springboks won the Rugby World Cup, one of the most memorable sights was seeing Rachel and Siya celebrating on the pitch together. It was a full-circle moment for the couple who came from humble beginnings and could celebrate the massive win on the world stage together.

8 Reasons Siya and Rachel Kolisi are #CoupleGoals – We love their vibe

Their dance moves are life! 

We've spoken about Siya and Rachel (mostly Rachel's) dance moves in the past, and although they need to work on their choreography, we can safely say we love their dance videos. They are adorable and hilarious in equal measure! 

They love to share a laugh

The pair often play pranks on each other, and share a laugh together. Their relationship is fun as well as respectful. We love how they tease each other, but at the same time highlight how much they adore each other. A balanced relationship to look up to!

They are real

We could list many more reasons why we love the Kolisis but this has to be the number one. When you strip away their lavish lifestyles, Siya and Rachel are still very real, very normal South Africans who have never forgotten their roots. It is this groundedness that has laid the foundation for a healthy and beautiful romance.


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