Miss South Africa Shudufhadzo Musida

The unexpected pitting against the former Miss South Africa (SA) Zozibini Tunzi and the new Miss SA Shudufhadzo Musida made its ugly head on Twitter on Saturday.

As Musida enjoys her homecoming in Limpopo, some people on Twitter thought that our new pageant queen was "lacking" personality and was not for the people.

On Twitter user said: "I absolutely have nothing against our new Miss S.A. it's just that to me she feels more like a celebrity than a beauty pageant queen if you know what I mean."

People compared how when Zozi won she was more interactive with users online than Shudu, accusing Shudu of being "cold", "distant" and not having "personally" because she is not interacting with people on Twitter.

Zozi clearly ignoring the critics sent some love towards Shudu. Tweeting on her homecoming she said: "You're doing the most. I'm so happy to see Limpopo coming out to embrace you and welcoming you home. Keep making everyone proud. We love you Miss SA. It's your time. It's your season."

Tweeps were divided on where they stood on the issue, others said the hate Shudu is receiving is linked to tribalism because of same tribes "couldn't" accept the new winner. Just as when Zozi won she didn't receive love from everyone.

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