Nasty C urges fans to spread love to the people they care about

Nasty C has taken to his Instagram to talk about how 2020 has been for him.

According to him, his main intention is just to spread some positive vibes.

Nasty also asked his fans and followers to tell special people in their lives that they love them.

The rapper said: "Good morning people. I just wanted to spread some positive vibes today. I hope you receive all these positive vibes I'm throwing your way. I hope you have a good morning. I hope you have a blessed day, a beautiful day

"I hope you have people you love in your life and if you do, go ahead and let them know that you love them, let them know they are loved. I want you to know that you are loved too." 

Nasty made it known that this year has been a rough one for many people most especially those who lost their loved ones during Covid-19 but encourage them to keep positive energy.

"It's a messed up world we're living in. It might be cold sometimes, it might be very dark sometimes. I know this past couple of months have been crazy for everybody. We're losing a lot of people and stuff. Let's try to keep the positive energy up man, try spread love."

"I challenge you to tell someone you love them today, I know it's not something some of us are used to doing, but f**k it, go ahead man, let people know you love them." 

Watch video below:

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