Rich Mnisi collaborates with Volvo car brand

South African fashionista and businessman, Rich Mnisi announces bagging a collaboration with Volvo car brand.

The star shared photos of the signature print he created for the cars.

Taking to social media, he expressed his excitement and gave some details about this new deal.

"We @rich_mnisi are proud to reveal a collaborative venture #HiddenGem, with one of our favorite car brands, @volvocarsa . Our signature zebra print is masterfully embossed on the body of the Volvo XC40, perfectly complementing the car's chic design. Zebras embody community, freedom, balance, and individualism – the perfect metaphor for both the RICH MNISI and Volvo brands."

"Throughout my career I have often sought refuge in seclusion, and there is no better place to escape the hustle and bustle of city life than to retreat to nature, to switch off, reboot, and be present in the now. Returning to the bush is a calling that visits me often – a space that is so quiet in its calmness, but boastful in its beauty and so vibrant in its colourful display."

"I have never felt more connected to the land – our most treasured resource – than when I am outdoors in nature. It is there where I feel most at one with my truest self. In spaces and moments of stillness and peaceful reflection, I have often found clarity and inspiration – and an unlocking of the deepest wells of my creativity."

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