VIDEO: Fans can't get enough of Pearl Modiadie's love story

Fans of South African TV and radio presenter Pearl Modiadie can't stop fawning over the fact that she and her partner, whom Getty Images has identified as Nathaniel Oppenheimer, recently welcomed their first child together.

The pair is believed to have started dating two or three years ago and their relationship has been flourishing in private bliss.

Apart from the odd image on Pearl's Instagram story, the couple has not really been photographed together except for when they attended the 9th Savanna Comics' Choice Awards at Gold Reef City on September 07, 2019 in Johannesburg, South Africa where they were snapped by a Getty Images photographer.

They have carried that propensity for privacy over to their parental journey, as Pearl only posted about her son after he had been born.

Last August, model Rosette Ncwana was left with egg on her face after she took to Instagram declaring that she was dating a Nathaniel Oppenheimer. However, her followers deduced that she was being catfished after the image of the man she posted was traced back to a European Instagrammer who is not Nathaniel.

There is currently no word on whether or not this Nathaniel is related to the famous South African Oppenheimer family.

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