Lady Zamar cyberbullied once again in relations to rape allegations against Sjava

Musician Lady Zamar can't catch a break on social media after she alleged that former partner fellow artist Sjava raped her in late 2017.

In August, Lady Zamar did a live stream responding to Sjava's visual statement who denied all the allegations against him during their relationship, saying his only mistake was not loving her the way she deserved.

Lady Zamar's response was met with verbal abuse from both men and women who have sided with Sjava's version of the story.

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The cyberbullying doesn't seem to have stopped, on Monday the Collide singer was bombarded by vicious comments after posting a picture of herself in a floral yellow dress.

And this is why other innocent men get sent to jail for things they didn't do, is because of people like you who think people must believe whatever women say because they are Women!

— Royal Couture (@child_of_Afrika) September 15, 2020

I get what you are saying…..buhh is it fair for to be treated like animal yet there's loop holes on lady zamar story??? That lady story makes no sense???? Is it fair for sjava to be treated like an Animal yet Prime crime suspect of #Murder enjoys her life!is it fair??

— Thəę G'y Ňęø (@GyNieo1) September 15, 2020

Are you sure she was raped i just wish to know how that rape was that afterwards she fell in love.

— Nicholas Kontelela (@kontelela) September 14, 2020

People were horrified by the responses under her timeline with many saying the bullying was unacceptable. Many people also said the treatment she was getting is one of the many reasons women stay silent when reporting gender-based violence.

The replies under Lady Zamar's post are so mean & hurtful. People then wonder why women don't come forward about being abused.

— Tshepi Vundla (@TshepiVundla) September 15, 2020


Because y'all are Sjava's fans think it's right to bully Lady zamar. Such kind of mentality is the one that allows the perpetrators to keep on doing this to others knowing they would walk freely. Victims end up committing suicide because of such behavior.#GBVmustfall#sjava

— Katsquared49 (@katlego48827981) September 15, 2020


We are quick to attack a woman whilst we don't have the facts. We are always bullying women and we feel we are entitled to./\r\n/
I feel @Lady_Zamar has to be protected and checked on. This is really not right. We are doing it because of an artist we love, mxm. South Africans ne

— Calvin M (@Calvinmakhubo) September 15, 2020

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