YouTuber accused of 'making fun' of Uyinene Mrwetyana death

YouTube vlogger Zoe Mbokazi has been accused of making light of the horrific death of Uyinene Mrwetyana.

In an Instagram live, a fan compared Zoe's relationship with her husband as "abusive". The incident in question, the vlogger shared a video in which her husband rips off her dress, then removes her wig and shakes her up.

The couple said the video was a "prank". However many fans were uncomfortable and even warned Mbokazi that she might end up like Uyinene and she should be careful around her husband.

In response, she somehow found humour in that.

"How am I Uyinene?" she said, repeatedly laughing at the negative comments.

"You guys said you wanted content but now you receive it and can't stop talking about it."

Her husband in the background then joked that if a man didn't hit you, he was cheating on you.

She added that people didn't know their relationship, that they as a couple understood each other.  She was confused as to why people were calling her husband abusive.

The Uyinene comment ????????

— Podcast: She's Female (@Siqalala) September 10, 2020


Some called for her to be 'cancelled' and that people should unsubscribe to her YouTube channel. Others said Mbokazi was not laughing at Uyinene and was rather laughing at the negativity her relationship has received.

One user Malkhonya said: "Ya'll love to cancel people for just anything, although Uyinene's murder is no laughing matter this girl is not laughing about her tragedy, I still think there's something off about her husband though and how the girl behaves, but to cancel her? Nah guys. Nah!"

Twitter was very divided on the issue:

She didn't laugh at Uyinene, she's laughing at the fact that people Wana compare Uyinene's situation to hers. It's a rhetorical laugh,not specifically at Uyinene. I hate to say this,but Y'all are painting us as if we are a race that alwaaays complains

— Kay Da Word (@BullHorn22) September 11, 2020

People should stop gas lighting the situation she was laughing at a comment made that she'll end up like Uyinene not at uyinene situation.. what was she suppose to say when someone commented she would end up in that situation

— Farm Julia (@Lwazi42489638) September 10, 2020


Guys when you're in an abusive relationship it's really hard to recognise it for what it is. People telling you you're being abused can be even more stressful. Of course she doesn't want to believe the man she loves would kill her.

— Ann Marie Lastrassi stan (@naledimashishi) September 11, 2020


Zoe Mbokazi laughed about Uyinene. PLEASE GO UNSUBSCRIBE

— Mihle (@Mihle_Motsepe) September 10, 2020


It doesn't matter what people said to her… Bottom line is, you can't not mention Uyinene's name & laugh about it in any context and we not blowing anything out of proportion.

— LeleMbinda ???????? (@LeleMbinda) September 10, 2020

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