Movies: 10 must-watch chick flicks from the early 2000s

Here is a list of our favourite chick flicks from the early 2000s that will have you reminiscing about the good old days. Rustle up a batch of popcorn and pull on those comfy track pants …

1. 'Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants'

A story about four best friends who spend their first summer apart. In order to stay connected they pass around a pair of denim jeans that magically happens to fit each of them, despite their varied body types.

Year of Initial Release: 2005

2. 'John Tucker Must Die'

John Tucker is known for being the high school womaniser. That's when his teenage ex-girlfriends form an alliance in a bid to set him up to fall in love with a girl. The plot highlights seeking revenge and wanting Tucker to experience the pain of a break-up.

Year of Initial Release: 2006

3. '13 Going on 30′

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13 GOING ON 30 (2004) Jennifer Garner (@jennifer.garner) with Judy Greer (@missjudygreer) in Mandalay (@mandalay_official) in the 2004 Romantic Comedy “13 Going on 30”. [Second Frame] Access Hollywood’s Shaun Robinson (@msshaunrobinson) in Mandalay at the 3rd Annual Latin Grammy Awards at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood, California (September 18, 2002). [Final Frame] VIBE Magazine: ‘Hollywood Role Model’ Sana’a Lathan (@sanaalathan) in Mandalay for VIBE Magazine November 2002 Issue. “We Don’t Design Dresses We Create Dreams.” ~ Love, Mandalay. . . . . Follow Us @Mandalay_Official WHEN THE WHOLE WORLD IS WATCHING THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMEN ON THE PLANET CHOOSE TO WEAR TO MANDALAY. ————————————————— #iconicfashion #13goingon30 #jennifergarner #judygreer #latingrammy #redcarpet #shaunrobinson #accesshollywood #vibemagazine #sanaalathan #mandalaydress

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Jenna Rink hates being only 13 and makes an uncommon wish on her birthday. Somehow, though, her wish comes true and she wakes up the next morning as a 30-year-old woman.

Year of Initial Release: 2004

4. 'Miss Congeniality'

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Gracie Hart, a tomboyish detective, is made to infiltrate the Miss United States beauty pageant as a contestant after her department learns that the event is under threat from an anonymous bomber. • • Ms Congeniality is a movie that is a mix between a rom com and action. The film not only made me laugh but had me on the edge of my seat. Ms. Congeniality takes an interesting perspective as a tomboy FBI agent goes undercover in the Ms America beauty pageant ( sorry scholarship program). The story is surrounded by an investigation into a bomb threat but the main heart of the movie revolves around breaking the stereotypes of what it is actually like to be a Beauty Queen. Sandra Bullock was the star of this film and she fit the part perfectly. I believe it was a challenging role to play but nonetheless her performance had great comedic timing and was extremely funny to watch. The movie had a great balance of romance, action, mystery and comedy. My favourite performance in the entire film was by Michael Caine, his character really made this movie seem to stand out from other rom coms. Overall this film was a great watch, even if it only stood out a little from other romantic comedies and I found it followed the basic rom com plot which can get a bit predictable. I would recommend watching this with your family or for a fun night in with some friends. This is not a serious film it does lean more to the side of a TV movie but nonetheless it truly made me smile. • • #misscongeniality #misscongenialityreview #romcom #sandrabullock #michaelcaine #fbi #donaldpetrie #williamshatner #beautypageant #tomboy #makeover #transformation #dontjudgeabookbyitscover #graciehart #comedy #mystery #crime #familyfilm #funny #movies #film

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Detective Gracie Hart's department learns that the Miss United States event is under threat from an unidentified bomber. As a result, she is transformed into a beauty pageant contestant in order to infiltrate the competition.

Year of Initial Release: 2001

5. 'A Cinderella Story'

Shortly after Sam's father passes away, her stepmother and stepsisters start to abuse and exploit her. She finds some breathing space when chatting to her online pen pal Nomad and she decides to meet him at a school dance.

Year of Initial Release: 2004

6. 'Freaky Friday'

Mother and daughter duo Tess and Anna do not get along. But everything changes when a freak incident occurs and they switch bodies, forcing them to live each other's lives.

Year of Initial Release: 2003

7. 'She's the Man'

Viola's all-girl football team breaks up and, ironically, she is not allowed to play for the boy's team either. So she then disguises herself as her "twin brother" to participate in the tournament, but it does not take long until her secret is revealed.

Year of Initial Release: 2006

8. 'The Princess Diaries'

Clumsy and shy Mia Thermopolis discovers that she is the princess of Genovia. However, to claim the title of princess she needs to prove to her grandmother – who is queen of Genovia – that she is worthy.

Year of Initial Release: 2001

9. 'Aquamarine'

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secret handshakes

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The plot revolves around a mermaid who is stranded on beach at a resort. But it gets complicated when she falls in love with an attractive lifeguard and befriends two local girls. Luckily they say they will help her to win his heart in exchange for a wish.

Year of Initial Release: 2006

10. 'The House Bunny'

Playboy Bunny Shelley gets kicked out of the Playboy mansion. She then begins her new life journey teaching awkward sorority girls about the opposite sex, only to realise that inner beauty is more important.

Year of Initial Release: 2008