Clearly no one is safe from a block after Mihlali blocks Dr Sindi

News slowly spread on Twitter streets that Dr Sindi Van Zyl was blocked by social media influencer Mihlali Ndamase.

Dr Sindi, as she is popularly known, usually shares information about mental health and wellness, and after revealing that she was blocked by  beauty influencer Mihlali, tweeps couldn't believe anyone would block the popular doctor.


Dr Sindi getting blocked just reminded me that nomatter how nice you are people will always find a problem and hate you

— The Instigator (@Am_Blujay) July 29, 2020

I'm sorry but if you block Dr Sindi, you're the problem ????

— Alté Babe ????????‍♀️ (@Kat_Upendi) July 29, 2020

Dr Sindi said nobody is safe from a block: "You guys are so funny. Nobody is above a block and neither am I an angel It's just that I now have a social media manager  @MsManager_ so I behave much more than I did in the past."

Its unclear why Mihlali blocked her but Twitter CSI thinks its about a tweet back in 2018, in which Mihlali supported the notion from Nikki Shange that God could heal HIV/AIDS and that the disease was a state of mind.

A Twitter user and Dr Sindi thought her tweet was problematic and dangerous.


I think this is where it all started and Dr Sindi got blocked

— Mommy (@Baybs_ZN) July 29, 2020



Luyanda Dyani said she did not understand why Dr Sindi had to mention she had been blocked.

"I don't get why DR Sindi commented that Mihlali has blocked her, naye you will find that there are people that she has blocked on this app too plus she knows that obviously people will side with her and next thing Mihlali must fall. It's just unnecessary really."

Dr Sindi is also a human being and if one sees the need to block her I don't understand why people should make a big deal out of it.Yes she's a nice person but I'm pretty sure Mihlali had a reasons to block her.STOP DICTATING OTHER PEOPLE'S LIVE!!! Yesssses

— Construction Lady???????? (@MmaphutiKgomo) July 29, 2020


So Mihlali is trending just because she blocked Dr Sindi. Yazi nina ninaka nezinto ezingathi shu. It's her account she's entitled to block anybody

— Mbomvu ???????? Somahhashi (@MluDeGreat) July 29, 2020

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