Was Luther Vandross singing about his sugar daddy?

There was always speculation that late legendary singer Luther Vandross was gay, even though he never officially came out.

In a 2017 iHeart Radio interview, Vandross's best friend Patti LaBelle said that he didn't want to come out because he didn't want to let certain people down.

However, Vandross's mega-hit song, Dance With My Father, has got Twitter asking if the musician was actually singing about his sugar daddy.

I still can't believe Luther Vandross was talking about his Sugar Daddy on 'Dance With My Father'

— Vuyo. (@Vuyo_Unchained) July 26, 2020

This seemingly innocent tweet has sparked outrage and debate among South Africans and has already been retweeted more than 5,000 times.

Can't fucken be I sang that song with so much passion ????????????????????????????y'all trash ???????? pic.twitter.com/Mc75yTWotl

— YoungWilliamWallace (@ThaboPhoenix_) July 26, 2020

However, fans loyal to the artist and his heartfelt lyrics leapt to his defence and accused the originator of the tweet of having "daddy issues".

"But could you bring back the only man she loved, I know you don't do this usually but dear Lord she's dying to dance with my father again…"

Y'all have daddy issues if you think ukubha he was talking about a sugar daddy. Heal❤️

— TRUSTOLINÀ NOVIDADES ???????? (@trusty_novi) July 26, 2020

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