Gareth Cliff returns to our screens – As host of new talk show on

Gareth Cliff returns to television with a weekly talk show, So What Now? on from Wednesday, 17 June at 20:30.

The shock jock will talk to influential thought leaders, opinion-makers, and unheard voices about current affairs in South Africa and beyond.

eMedia Investments CEO, Khalik Sherrif said in a statement: "eMedia wants to ensure that it remains definitive with outstanding, entertaining, and informative programming.

"And the inclusion of personalities such as Gareth Cliff will ensure that difficult conversations will be had, no matter how provocative it seems at the outset. With Gareth and Devi joining us, we are moving towards the narrative of being more informative, more thought-provoking, and more challenging."

Gareth is no stranger to TV he was judge on the reality competition Idols SA for 11 seasons. In 2009 he hosted his own talk show on M-Net and in 2014 he had a reality show called The Gareth Cliff Show Live on Comedy Central.

So What Now?/\r\n/
Next Wed 8.30pm my new TV show on @eNCA/\r\n/
Your input please:/\r\n/
What is this "new normal"?/\r\n/
What do you think is the most important thing we should be talking about as the world begins to unlock?/\r\n/
And who's opinion would you most respect going forward? #SoWhatNow

— Gareth Cliff (@GarethCliff) June 12, 2020