COVID-19: Stefflon Don Bewildered As To Why Blacks Are Dying More

Burna Boy's girlfriend, Stefflon Don has expressed her confusion as to why more blacks are doing of coronavirus complications compared to whites and Asians. This is coming as there are reports that the black people are the highest hit of the deadly virus than other races.

As shown in a Times analysis of state health department data, black and Latino Californians ages 18 to 64 are dying more frequently of COVID-19 than their white and Asian counterparts.

In reaction, the British rapper is seeking a scientific explanation as she is confused as to why the disease if affecting a particular race more than another.
She took to Instagram to write :

"Can someone explain the scientific reason on why black people are dying of Covid-19 more? Or we are just going to run with the news. With no explanation?"

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