Popular Prison Break Actor Ranjit Chowdhry, Is Dead.

Famous Actor Ranjit Chowdhry, best known in the U.S. for his role in The Office, has reportedly died at the age of 64.

According to the Times of India, the New York-based actor had traveled to India earlier this year to receive dental treatment. Chowdhry had planned to return to the States on April 8, but was unable to do so amid the coronavirus shutdowns.

Chowdhry had reportedly suffered a ruptured ulcer in his intestine on April 14, and underwent an emergency operation in Mumbai. He died in the early mornings of April 15.

Chowdhry began his career doing Bollywood films in the late 1970s. After writing the screenplay for the 1991 film Sam & Me, the Mumbai-born actor would go on to land a number of acting roles in the U.S., including the telemarketer Vikram in seasons 4 and 5 of NBC's hit sitcom The Office. Chowdhry also appeared in TV shows like Prison Break, Cosby, and Law & Order: SVU, as well as the 2006 film Last Holiday starring Queen Latifah.

Fans and celebrities have taken to social media to pay tribute.

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