Even though that actual release date for the project is yet to be known, the rapper hinted us to be expecting it's release by May, 2020.

Few weeks back, the rapper took us through how the project was compiled. "After a very long process of shortlisting from a list of 47 songs I did for the album, I’ve landed at 16 songs," he said in an Instagram post.

"Perfectly split into 4 sections, section 1 will give you goosebumps, section 2 & 3 will be a fucking rollercoaster, you will shit yourself. Section 4 will make you proud - it will make you cry - it’ll make you appreciate - it’ll make you realize that Ivyson is not to be fucked with," the rapper added in the album's announcement post made on his Instagram page.

We understand you're really anticipating for the album's release, we are too.

Our question goes thus, "As a fan, what are your expectations on the project?."

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