Local celebs point out private schools are privileged enough to continue 2020 online

Celebrities have given their opinion on the government's decision last week to close all public schools for a month.

Like many, Melanie Bala pointed out that this decision only further shows the inequality between the rich and poor in the country and in the education system. The digital divide will result in further inequalities between learners in public and privates schools.

The media personality said most private schools have been online since the beginning of the lockdown and that they have the resources to continue online only.

Frustrated Bala said the inequalities were so stark and that what actually needed to be tackled first was basic infrastructure.

How will we tackle Zoom when children are still using pit latrines? In 2020? ???? https://t.co/DMzgjKKhhF

— IG: melzinbala (@MelBala) July 23, 2020


Fashion designer Thula Sindi supported the decision to close public schools because of the lack of sufficient personal protective equipment (PPEs).

"Gotta close the schools. Cause sending kids to schools while their providing dodgy masks and fake hand sanitisers is unacceptable. Hong Kong closed schools again after just 15 new cases. Thina we had 500+ deaths izolo. Nothing is cute."

Radio and TV presenter Bongani Bingiwa said the planned disruption at private schools by trade union Congress of South African Students (Cosas) was directed at the wrong people.

"Newsflash! 80% of the poorest kids learned nothing during lockdown – no internet, computers, no data! Whose failure is this?"

COSAS wants to shutdown private schools to prevent inequality in education! Newsflash! 80% of the poorest kids learned nothing during lockdown – no Internet, computers, no data! Whose failure is this? #702Breakfast

— Bongani Bingwa – (@bonglez) July 27, 2020


The inequality in South Africa is so heartbreaking. Private schools continue to teach either face to face or online while public schools just close. The haves just get an upper hand while the have nots get left behind ????.

— Sandika Daya (@SandiSplash) July 26, 2020

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